Monstroid WordPress Theme Review

Monstroid WordPress Theme Review and Step by Step Installation Guide

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To find a good WordPress theme, you have to search, search and search again, but, after all that, installing a theme without testing it is just a waste of time and money. In many cases, beginners start their sites without thinking about the quality of their themes, So, they find themselves between several coding problems and harmful optimization mistakes that no one wants to have. This article will be my own Monstroid WordPress theme Review.

The premium theme is a new design from the famous Template Monster company, it’s well-known in the web design domain with years of experience and great support service. However, as the theme is new, it needs a review to see how it performs, compared to other WordPress themes, also, to see what it has as features.

What’s the Monstroid WordPress theme?

It’s a new view of the web design and its optimization for WordPress websites. Unlike the other themes, this one comes with all the needs and all the tools that make any blog, any website faster, better, and well optimized than other designs.

Of course, this is not a traditional theme, that means, it comes with a powerful control panel and full customization options to make the theme your own as wanted exactly. Furthermore, all files are well coded for better performance and faster loading time.

Now, let’s take a look inside to find the differences with other themes.

Clan theme code

A fast website won’t be useful without a clean code and a fully optimized infrastructure. Luckily, everything you need is well done and you can start writing and building your website, instead of wasting the time.

Of course, the theme coding follows the latest Google guidelines and the HTML5 and CSS3 best practices.

Fully responsive and SEO ready

As Google started using the mobile theme the user experience as ranking factors, webmasters followed the wave and invested lots of money for that. But you only need to install this theme as it comes with a responsive mode and that means, every time a user uses a smartphone, he/she will get the same theme layout. That’s because the theme adjusts itself automatically with all the mobile dimensions and screen resolutions.

The best part is that the Monstroid theme follows the Google webmaster guidelines, and that means, you get a “respect” from Google as crawlers find your content better and pages will be indexed faster.

Lifetime updates

The theme comes with lifetime updates, and every time a new release happens, the theme gets the latest files from their servers, just select the update option and validate. Thus, you don’t have to install a new version of their theme manually, but automatically and with two clicks.

Easy guided installation wizard

This is the most important feature, especially for beginners, they don’t have to struggle with files and technical things. What they need is the Cherry framework first, as it’s needed for the theme install, then, they just need to install the plugin that makes the installation.

Lots of premium extension included

Unlike many other WordPress themes, Monstroid comes with over 15 different premium extensions to use and make your blog or website better, stronger and easier to manage. These extensions let you add more options to your website and that include the layout, shortcodes, design and much more. The extensions are:

  1. MotoPress editor
  2. Cherry social
  3. Cherry grid
  4. Cherry testimonials
  5. Cherry blog layouts
  6. Cherry shortcodes
  7. Monstroid skin switcher
  8. Cherry services
  9. Cherry Grid
  10. Monstroid wizard
  11. Cherry simple slider
  12. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist
  13. YITH WooCommerce compare
  14. Cherry Plugins Manager
  15. Cherry custom sidebars
  16. MotoPress slider
  17. Cherry data manager
  18. Cherry team
  19. MailChimp for WordPress
  20. Cherry shortcodes templater
  21. Cherry charts
  22. Cherry grid
  23. Cherry ranking
  24. Cherry mega menu

Lots of child themes

This is the only modern WordPress theme that comes with over 15 child themes that you can install from the same place. Every child theme is licensed under your parent theme purchase, and you can install it from the Monstroid Wizard link as the following screenshot.

Monstroid Child theme install

Then, select the child theme options and you’ll get the list.

Monstroid child themes


Please note that every month, you’ll get more child themes for free. So, you can get any design that works better with your niche or domain.

Powerful content builder

The MotoPress content editor lets you build the content with your own layout. It’s a feature that makes everything simple, fast and done properly. Also, the MotoPress premium plugin is a powerful tool to build your own website without coding skills, just drag and drop elements from the page builder.

Multiple layouts to choose from

Theme layouts


As you can see from the above example, you can select any website layout, and the theme will look the same as what you want exactly, right sidebar, left sidebar, no sidebars at all, full width, boxed layout and more options.

Theme backup and restore

With a few clicks, you can backup your theme options and save the theme for later uses. For example, that can be useful for migrating websites, or even using the same layout in a new site or restoring a website after a problem.

Monstroid WordPress Theme is a WPL ready

This is a ready-to-translate WordPress theme, in other words, you can just create your own translated version of the theme and upload it to the same directory for the files you need. Then, the theme will start using that version that supports your own language.

Powerful control panel

The theme comes with the cherry framework and it’s the parent theme that comes with an amazing control panel. From there, you can customize everything you need, such as colors, layout, designs, fonts, widgets and everything else.

How to install the Monstroid WordPress theme?

The theme installation is easier and smoother than what you can imagine. Instead of uploading lots of files and adjusting options, you need the theme wizard tool, install and it’s a plugin, then, follow the few easy steps as this tutorial.

After getting your theme and downloading all its files, log in to your WordPress admin area and then, install the theme wizard as a plugin. Of course, you need to have the cherry framework first, so, if you don’t have it, install it as a theme.

Installing Monstroid WordPress theme


Next, upload your file called “Monstroid wizard”.

Monstroid wizard plugin


Now, wait for the plugin’s upload, it will take a few seconds and then, click the “Activate plugin link”.

Activating the plugin


Now, click the “Tools” menu and click on “Monstroid Wizard”. Enter your activation key, you should get that key just after your purchase. For that, check your email, and click the “start” blue button.

Theme installation wizard


In the next step, you’ll get the main theme install or the child theme install, select the Monstroid which is the main one in this case. The child theme can be installed later.

Main theme install


Wait for the installation process, you’ll see the progress as the following screenshot example.

WordPress theme installation progress


After that, the wizard plugin will suggest importing simple data to make your website looks the same as the demo version. Later, you can delete the sample data, but I recommend to import it first to have the needed layout and options, just choose the import from cloud option.

Importing the Monstroid theme simple data


Finally, you’ll get the same layout and design as the demo version, but remember to add a menu first and then, customize the layout and the widgets’ location as you want.

The final word about the Monstroid WordPress Theme

After reading this Monstroid WordPress theme review, you can conclude that’s a high quality and a recommended WordPress theme that suits the needs of bloggers, marketers, business owners and webmasters in general. It makes things easier and professional like never before. Investing in that premium design is the right way to make your website look professional and optimized for both, search engines and people with its super fast loading time.

We’re a team of WordPress web design bloggers and experts with years of experience and we’d like to share the best themes that are optimized and fast for your blog or website without wasting the time.

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